The Adversary’s unending reminders

IMAG0351And her adversity hath also provoked her greatly, so as to make her tremble, for Jehovah hath shut up her womb.

(1 Samuel 1:6, Young’s Literary Translation)

Elkanah had two wives, Peninnah and Hannah. Peninnah could have children. Hannah was barren. Peninnah reminded her of that fact too.

Peninnah was mean and she tortured the good woman. Peninnah earned one description a person does not want. She was called the adversary, just like the devil who provokes Christians as we walk out our lives. Peninnah was just that. She was the adversary to a godly woman, who had been unable to have a child because of the Lord’s greater plan.

So What?

Our Adversary reminds us of the transgressions that, he says, make us unloved by God.

Those reminders can take us to the point of irritation or trembling, as in Hannah’s case. Hannah, however, took her problems to the Lord.

Though she was resentful, she prayed to the LORD while she cried. An old priest heard her and gave her a word of blessing. God soon would bless her mightily. Indeed, he did. After her son, Samuel, Hannah had three more sons and two daughters.

So So What?

The answer is reject the Adversary’s claims and take your concerns to God in prayer.

Photo Matthew Weigelt

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